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We extend our philosophy of excellent care to parents as well.

We welcome parents at the nursery and keep parents informed via daily reports, newsletters, parents' evenings and our website. We acknowledge how difficult it can be to leave your child and will do our utmost to assist you when your child is settling or with any queries you may have.
We have an online communication system called EYLog which we used to communicate daily with parents. We will send you pictures throughout the day of your little cherubs. To us, a picture speaks a thousand words so once you see your little one smiling and happy, we know you’ll feel happy!
At the end of the day, we will send you a report, through the EYLog giving you a detailed account of your child’s day at the nursery. This will include things such as what they have eaten, when they have slept, at what times they have had their nappy changed, what they have been up to throughout the day and anything else of interest. This will help you feel involved in your child's day and allows you to chat to your child about their time at the nursery. We also use this system to have closer communication with parents; parents can message the staff directly and vice versa.
We have an open-door policy which means that at the end of each day we will speak to you to share your child's day. We appreciate that sometimes parents are in a hurry or arrive at a particularly busy time when it is not possible to speak to you – this is when the EYLog report will come in handy to you. The pictures on EYLog also a lovely keepsake for the future to look back on your child's time at the nursery.
All the information on the EYLog is confidential between us and you. You can have up to four contacts – so even Grandparents can see what their Grandchild has been up to throughout the day!

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