The aim of the nursery is to provide a caring and homely atmosphere for the children in our care, whilst promoting an independence and a love of learning through providing the children with a choice and range of activities. The happiness of our children is our number one aim and if we can stimulate them educationally as well then that is an added bonus. The day will include a period of open access play filled with different structured activities which could take place inside or out, A range of activities are always set up and children always have the free choice to decide for themselves which activities they would like to do. 

We have a full range of activities planned for each day, both child-led and teacher-led. Our learning and development activities cover the seven different areas of the Early Years curriculum. We follow a variety of different themes and activity programmes are based around this. An example of themes that has been covered in the last 12 months include: Disney, Autumn, Roald Dahl, water, winter, transport, day and night, space, beach, foods of the world, Diwali etc. Our babies, toddlers and older children will follow the themes set and learning will be differentiated based on their age. The children input into to planning by telling us what they would like to learn about. (Staff and parents are also welcome to have input into the theme planning and we are open to suggestions to improve the learning within our setting.)

All the planned activities are designed to develop the children’s motor skills, socialible and learning experiences. Some of the activities include:
• Sand, water and messy play
• Creative play and modelling
• Shape sorting and puzzles
• Rhymes, counting and singing
• Number and letter recognition and sorting
• Storytelling and book corner
• Painting and gluing/arts and crafts

- Babies have lots of stimulating toys, traditional wooden toys, sensory toys and soft play.
- We have our toy boxes labelled, with a visual picture, for children to choose the toys that they wish to play with. Toys include jigsaws, cars, toot-toot garage, blocks, farm animals, dolls, barbies etc.
- We have role play corners set up, for example – a vets centre, dolls and prams station, builders station, reading corner, kitchens, café and tables are set up, we have a fancy dress station also. The role-play areas change at different times.
- We also have a learning station.
- The children have access to our soft play – which is located upstairs, along with our separate sensory room. Children use these facilities throughout the week.
- Circle time is carried out daily, children will sing songs, practise counting, read books etc.

Our Daily Routines
Please note that all times and activities are flexible depending on the needs of the child/children.

Baby Routine: To ease the transition from home to nursery, our young babies follow a flexible routine, dependent on the individual needs with regards to food, playtime, sleep and nappy changing. (We work with and alongside parents in ensuring that we follow your home routine.) All children have a 'one-page profile' which tells all the staff about each child's routines, likes/dislikes, sleep routine etc so you can feel happy in the comfort that every member of staff will know about your child in order for us to give him/her the best experience that 'home-from'home' can offer.
Our older babies also have flexible routines, but as they grow and become more independent, they tend to adopt a more consistent pattern that the whole group follow loosely follow. Meal times, sleep and play all start to follow more of a routine.
By the time they move to the toddler area they will have completely adapted to the nursery schedule (and if they haven't don't panic, we are led by them!)

An example of a typical day with us in the baby room:
7am – 9am Free play
9am – 9.30am Breakfast
9.30 – 10am Nappy change/circle time
10am – 10.30am Activities/sleep time
10.30 – 11am Messy Play/Toys out
11am – 12pm Sensory play/Outside play/Music time
12pm – 1pm Lunch & nappy change
1pm – 2pm Story time/sleep time
2pm – 3pm Activities
3pm -3.30 Snacks and Free play
3.30 – 4pm Nappy change
4pm – 6pm Free play

Toddler Routine: The toddler day is divided into a morning and afternoon session. Activities are carried out throughout the day with children stopping for lunchtime and mid-afternoon breaks.
Throughout the day, there is plenty of opportunity for the all-important unstructured play (or free time). There are also periods of planned educational activities that help the children reinforce old and new skills.

An example of a typical day with us in the toddler room:
7am – 9am Free play
9am – 9.30am Breakfast
9.30 – 10am Circle time/Nappy change
10am – 10.30am Activities/sleep time
10.30 – 11am Outside Play/Softplay/Sensory Room
11am – 12pm Activities and Free play choices
12pm – 1pm Lunch & nappy change
1pm – 2pm Activities and Free Play choices
2pm – 3pm Outside Play/Softplay/Sensory Room
3pm -3.30 Snacks
3.30 – 4pm Nappy change
4pm – 6pm Free play


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